Thursday, October 2, 2008

What I Wish I Would Have Known #3

You really CAN have a do-it-yourself wedding!

Many brides start planning their wedding with the idea that they will make everything themselves. Why buy an aisle runner from a store when all you need is some muslin, a printer, paper, tape, paint, and a bit of thread?? I never once thought I could be that type of bride. My crafty skills are rusty (I haven't made anything since a clay thumb-pot in the 5th grade) and I just figured I'd have to pay for pre-made items.

I was so wrong. Sadly, I discovered my favorite wedding blogs about three months prior to my wedding date. After reading so many excellent ideas for my wedding & reception, I was ITCHING to do something creative. I wanted EVERYTHING to have a handmade touch. This is the dangerous effect of wedding blogs! After telling my fiance all of my "fun ideas", he practically begged me to forget them all. He's seen me stressed out, and he was trying to prevent a meltdown. But I really, really wanted to make something - anything - for the wedding. If nothing more than to say to someone, "I made that!"

I toyed with the idea of cancelling on my florist so I could hand-make paper flower arrangements (see below) - I even went so far as to warn my florist I was thinking about this idea - but after making ONE FLOWER from
Paper Source's flower kit, I decided against it. There was NO WAY I was going to put myself through the torture of making a hundred or more paper flowers.

Bottom line: There was just not enough time to make all of the things I wanted to make. I should have started reading these blogs MONTHS beforehand!! But I didn't even know wedding blogs existed during the first half of our engagement. To think of what could have been had I discovered Weddingbee at the 12-month-away mark...

Here are some pictures of what my flowers could have looked like (images from
Paper Source):

One project I was able to complete (with the help of a particularly crafty bridesmaid) prior to the wedding was the place card ribbon board display. I was inspired by this picture on Martha Stewart's website:

{Image Source}

Each of these cute ideas were featured on various wedding blogs. I have started a list of my favorite blogs on the side of my blog ~ please take a look! You might just be inspired to make something!!

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