Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Night Sky Lanterns

As many of you know, I Twitter. And because I Twitter, I was lucky enough to find and follow Ian McGraw: co-owner (with his wife) of Veil & Train, which offers wedding photography, bridal makeup, bridal hair & personal training; based out of London, England. Take a second to view their blog and website!

Anywho, last week, Veil & Train posted about Night Sky Lanterns on their blog and I was completely blown away! I will let this picture describe what Night Sky Lanterns look like:

The lanterns are environmentally friendly (friendlier than fireworks!!) and are made of biodegradeable materials (don't believe me? check this FAQ for more info). Once released, the lanterns will fly for about 5-10 minutes, creating a BEAUTIFUL photo op in the night sky!!!
You could ask guests to write wishes for the bride & groom on the lanterns & then release them to the sky at the end of the night. I wish I could have done this for our wedding!
To purchase, visit Sky Lanterns 2U's online store. The white lanterns are most popular, and you can purchase 100 for 151 GBP (United Kingdom Pounds), or about $223 USD (based on today's exchange rate).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Red Lips + My Wedding Dress!

I don't normally post about ME on the Bustle Blog, but I had to showcase the makeup artistry & photography of two vendors who made this Trash the Dress session possible!

NaShara from Bridal Beauty by Blush asked me if I'd be a model for an upcoming Trash the Dress shoot, where she would do the makeup and Jessica from Lemongrass Photography (who has now seen me in my wedding dress 3 different times!) would provide the photography. Of course, I said yes! I love any excuse to wear my wedding dress again (although this time, I was a little scared it wouldn't FIT)!

{All pictures in this post are credited to Lemongrass Photography}

NaShara thought I would look good with a bright red lip. I was kinda scared to go so bright, but I think it looks good in the pictures! Always trust the professionals!

We took pictures downtown at Military Park, outside the historical society & then made our way up to the IMA...

When we got to the IMA, NaShara decided to tone down the red lip and switch to a more pink/purple gloss, which was also very pretty.

There was also another bride (also named Jessica) at the photoshoot, and coincidentally, we showed up with the SAME EXACT WEDDING DRESS!!! How crazy is that?!

Anyways, I had a fabulous time and it was nice to know that my dress still fit!! :)



Handmade Lovelies

It's official - I am insane over hair accessories! TR could have proposed with a fabulous hair clip and I would have happily worn it everyday for the rest of my life. In fact, here's some dialogue I just dreamt up for this scenario:

Person: Why do you wear that in your hair everyday?

Me (nonchalantly waving my hand towards my head): Oh, it's my engagement hair flower and it's my wifely duty to incorporate it into my hairstyle daily. I only take it off when sleeping & showering. It proves I'm married.

I know, I'm strange. :)

Anyways, the real purpose of this post is to showcase a great little Etsy shop called Handmade Lovelies, which sells these gorgeous, whimisical hair accessories created by the fabulous Lauren of openField Photography! Please go check it out!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Edible, Cost-Effective Centerpiece

And no, I'm not talking about those edible fruit bouquets! :)

I saw this picture on Style Me Pretty's blog and thought it was such a no-brainer centerpiece idea!

Instead of flowers, make your centerpieces do triple-duty as appetizers AND beautiful table arrangements AND yummy incentives for your guests to locate their tables once they arrive at your reception.

Thank You, Readers!

Everytime I review my blog stats from StatCounter, I get all smiley-faced. It is too cool to see how many people read my blog - whether you're a first-timer or a frequent visitor - and know that what I post might actually be helping someone! So thank you for reading. It means so much to me!

One cool feater of StatCounter is the Recent Visitor Map. I can see where people are logging on to view my blog! How awesome is today's map?! Thanks to all of you (Hoosiers & non-Hoosiers) who take the time to pop over to Bustle Event Design every now and again!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Paper Source Wedding Invitations

When I received the latest Paper Source catalog in the mail, it showcased wedding invitations. I. was. drooling. They were adorable, fresh, lovely... and NOT SHOWN ON THEIR WEBSITE! I wanted to share the pictures with you so badly, but with no photos to link to on the blog, I couldn't do that.

Today I received an e-mail from Paper Source and they now have their wedding invitation suite available to view and purchase online!!

There are four categories of wedding invitations: Whites, Flourish, Elegant & Fresh. I normally find all-white invitations boring and sometimes too elegant-looking, but I really love the embossed cherry blossom collection (see mosaic below). And, like I expected, I loved just about all of the "Fresh" designs (see three of them below).

Here's a little sample of what's available (click to view larger picture):

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Green Floral Arrangements

There was a point in time when I did not like the idea of an all-green bouquet or centerpiece. But slowly, I've been coming around. Now, when I look at a bunch of green flowers, words like "fresh" and "clean" and "modern" and "chic" come to mind. I actually really, really like the look of all-green! What do you think? Have you ever changed your mind about something you once disliked but now absolutely love??






Bridal Bootcamp Teaser

I just received an e-mail from Diana Novak (personal trainer @ Lifestyle Fitness) with an update on the Bridal Bootcamp I blogged about previously. Here's her e-mail:

Good Afternoon Ladies!

The time has come for the sweat to pour and the toning to begin! It's BRIDAL BOOT CAMP TIME!!!

I will be hosting a FREE TEASER for the Boot Camp program Wed. March 11 at 6pm.

The point of a teaser is to give you a better idea of what the class will consist of.

Please let me know if you would like to attend, you can bring a friend or your wedding party if you like...

I will be hosting 1 other session on the 18th in the same fashion to be the last FREE session before we get started....

Let's go Ladies! It's fitness time!

Give me a call to confirm that you and your friends and/or family will be attending so that I have a solid number for who to expect.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you all here!

Diana Novak
Lifestyle Family Fitness
North Meridian
Personal Trainer Manager
(317) 843-9230
(401) 228-4563

Monday, March 2, 2009

DIY + Recycled Jar Decorations

Here is an excellent way to recycle glass jars of all shapes + sizes:

{Source; Photojojo! blog; found via Design*Sponge blog}

Clusters of picture-filled jars as centerpieces would look so fab. You could even use small sheets of decorative paper in your wedding colors instead of pictures. Or a combination of pictures/decorative paper/poems/quotes/etc. Or use the glasses as your table numbers - just slide in a piece of paper with a number on it!
So many possibilities!