Monday, October 27, 2008

Recycled Gift Tag Letters

I know it's only the end of October... OMG it's the end of OCTOBER!!! That means Christmas is less than 2 months away!!!

I love Christmas so much because I love the act of giving gifts. Maybe my motives are a little selfish, but nothing feels better than giving someone you love something they would never have bought for themselves or something that is so amazingly cool that they think you are the most thoughtful/awesome/wonderful person ever. :)

If you love giving gifts as much as I do, there's a good chance you also love presenting your gifts in a creative way. I present (purposeful pun!) to you: recycled gift monograms!!!

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These letters are cut out of old Christmas cards ~ genius! Another great idea by Martha Stewart and her staff.

I feel awful throwing away Christmas cards. Someone put all of that effort into picking a card that reflected their personality and message they wanted to send, writing a message in said card, addressing the envelope, paying for postage and sending the card on its way to my mailbox. I am guilty of hoarding old Christmas cards and now I've found an excellent way to reuse them! I can't wait to wrap some gifts!

[I also have every single wedding card anyone ever gave TR & me for our showers & wedding... I shall reuse these, too!]

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Becca Nelson said...

This is such a great idea! I JUST threw away my cards from last year. I should have kept them. I know what to do next year! Thanks for posting this!