Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blossoming Wedding Heels

Although your wedding shoes might be hidden for the majority of your big day (depending on the length of your gown), there are moments when your shoes will be on full display. For example, photographers love to take creative pictures using your shoes as a focal point before the ceremony. Also, if you are sitting down during your ceremony sometimes your shoes peek out from under your gown. And of course, your shoes will be showing at times when you are dancing up a storm during the reception (if you haven't kicked them off or opted for comfier slippers by that point!).

Moral of the story: Why not choose some shoes that have some character? You might not ever wear them again in your life, but the photos taken on your wedding day will last a lifetime.

Here are some adorable Cole Haan "Ceci Air Rose" heels that are definitely not meant to stay hidden beneath your wedding dress:


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bustle Wedding - The Johnsons

Who: Brittany & Brian Johnson

What: Partial Wedding Planning & Coordination

Where: Franklin College

When: November 28, 2009

{Bride + groom! Source: Indy Photo Booths}

Brian & Brittany had such a lovely wedding day! The weather was a gorgeous as could be on a November day - slightly chilly, but the sun was out and the sky was beautiful. Brittany looked absolutely amazing in her dress - and Brian looked extraordinarily handsome in his ivory tux. The colors for their wedding were chocolate brown and pale yellow.

The ceremony was held in Custer Theater in the Old Main building on the Franklin College campus, where both the bride and groom went to college. The reception was a short walk away to the Napolitan Student Center. On the second floor Branigin Room, dinner was served buffet-style, and then dancing and festivities were all held on the first floor in the atrium.

Emily, my most favorite sister/assistant, was there the entire night to help with anything and everything! We even had a chance to hop in the photobooth:

{Emily (left) + me (right); Source: Indy Photo Booths}

Catering - Franklin College Catering
Florist - Shana Schutt Floral Design
Photographer - Hosea Johnson
Pipe and drape rental - A Classic Party Rental
Photobooth - Indy Photo Booths
Cakes - Cakes by Cathy

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Hair Up There

In case you haven't noticed, headbands and unique hair accessories are becoming more and more popular these days - especially for weddings. Instead of a traditional veil, do you think you would go for a jeweled headband? Check out this delicate jeweled headband from Haute Bride.

I like it because it's got just the right amount of sparkle.

Maybe you're having an outdoor ceremony and want your hairstyle to play along? Consider this lovely hair clip from Anthropologie.

And of course, real flowers are always a good option too!

Looking for a little drama - of the style variety, that is? TenThings has you covered, with unique jewelry and amazing feathered hair accessories for your wedding or any special event.


The best thing about all of these hair accessories is that they allow you to be on-trend without going overboard in the style or budget departments. We think it's just another way for you to shine through on your big day.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Men's Engagement Rings: To Do or Not To Do?

A recent article in the New York Daily News (source) discusses the trend of “mangagement” rings, meaning women buying their fiancés engagement rings. Whether or not it’s for you and your fiancé, it’s an interesting idea, don’t you think? Check this one out:

You can tell it’s an engagement ring, but there’s a certain tailored masculinity to it that makes it very unlike a typical women’s engagement ring.

On the other hand, Chris Easter, Co-Founder of says don’t believe the hype when it comes to men’s engagement rings (source).

So readers, what do you think? Should this one be left alone? Or it is time to change the tradition and buy your man some bling?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finishing Touches

On your big day, of course you want to look your best, down to the very last detail. And what would your wedding day be without a little frosting? No, not the kind on the cake – although that’s important too – we mean the kind you wear. That’s right… jewelry!

Looking for some bling on a budget? This necklace and earring set will give you plenty of sparkle without the hole in your wallet.
The vintage-inspired design would perfectly complement a strapless gown.

Or, check out this stylish gold heart from jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer.
Even though this necklace in particular is pricey, with a little shopping you could replicate this delicate gold necklace for a fraction of the price. It’s perfect if you’re going for an understated look with your jewelry and don’t want to distract from your dress or hair.

If you’re getting married on the beach, this seashell charm would look gorgeous on a fine silver chain.
Something like this could easily transfer into everyday wear and would be a sweet reminder of your beautiful wedding day.

Even though all the jewelry options out there might seem overwhelming, think about jewelry as one more way to let your personality shine through. Then pick something that makes you feel like you.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Abby & Rafik: Wedding Highlights

Long time, no blog! With a new job and Bustle's wedding season in high-gear, I've been such a slacker.

Abby & Rafik's wedding was on October 31, 2009, and was absolutely fabulous. I worked with them to plan their wedding from scratch in about 6 months. It. Was. Awesome. Abby was so creative and wanted to pack tons of details into their wedding - it ended up being spectacular.

Please check out their highlight video, courtesy of B&C Digital Media Productions:

Abby & Rafik Next Day Highlights from B&C Digital Media Productions on Vimeo.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Thinking Outside the Book

Are you looking for wedding guestbook ideas that are more you than the usual cream-colored book with lined pages inside? Well, here are a few tips on ways to make your guestbook into something more than just a book on a shelf.

A simple and popular idea is to frame a great photo of the two of you, give it a large mat and a beautiful frame, and have guests sign the mat. Ta-da – instant and meaningful artwork!

If you’re wondering how to announce your marriage to far-flung friends and family, consider creating a postcard guest book. Collect postcards from places that hold meaning for both you and your significant other – the city where you get married, your hometowns, your favorite vacation spot – then create a small package that you send to friends and family. Include a postcard, stamped and self-addressed, along with a note announcing your marriage and ask them to mail you their well wishes. When you get the postcards back, put the cards in a photo album or take them to a local copy store and have a custom album created.


One couple we know, Lindsay and Eric, were looking for a guestbook idea when they came across the window frame from Lindsay’s grandparents’ old house. They put a mirror behind it, and had guests sign the mirror with Sharpie markers. How cool is that?!

(Source: author's collection)

There are no rules when it comes to choosing how you want your guests to mark their presence at your reception. Our suggestion - make it your own, and have fun!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Centerpieces for Any Occasion

It’s the little things that count. For any event to be memorable, it’s the details that take an event from fun to fabulous. Centerpieces can either fade into the background or take center stage. Here are a few ideas that will show you how something little - or not so little - can go a long way.

Fall is quickly approaching - does your wedding have an elegant, natural feel? These wooden centerpieces would be a perfect finishing touch. Don’t you love the varying heights of each candleholder, and how no two are alike?


If you want to give some personality to each table, but don’t want your dinner guests to have to look around the centerpiece in order to carry on a conversation, these low vases are perfect.


Plus they’re customizable, how cute is that?!

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more dramatic. These captivating arrangements will wow your guests for sure.


What’s great about them is they aren’t so huge that they’ll distract people from the event itself.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to table décor. It all depends on your personal style. No matter what you choose for a centerpiece, it's details like these that make your event truly special.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Dessert To Remember

We’ve all been there. You’re at a wedding and it’s time to cut the cake. You turn to see the bride and groom, knife in hand, slicing through a six-tiered cake with white frosting.

Not your style? We didn’t think so.

If you want your reception’s dessert to be as personalized as the rest of your wedding, it’s time to break away from the mold and give your guests one more thing to remember you by.

Cupcakes have been a much buzzed-about trend recently, and provide an easy solution if you’re looking for that “wedding cake” feel without the price tag. A tiered dessert platter and frosting to match your wedding colors make these an exciting end to the reception meal. You could even have a matching mini-cake, to cut and share with your groom!


Speaking of mini-cakes…


These cakes definitely make a statement. Give a beautifully decorated cake, in miniature form, to each of your guests. Later, they can brag that they ate an entire wedding cake by themselves.

If ornate mini-cakes are out of your budget, consider something like these simple fruit tarts, or a dessert bar with an assortment of items to choose from. Added bonus: Instead of sitting at tables, guests can stand and mingle while they indulge themselves.


If you’re open-minded, the possibilities are endless when it comes to wedding desserts. One kid-friendly option: an ice cream sundae bar with all the trimmings. Or if you have an evening reception, serve your crowd assorted small cookies with a shot glass of milk before they head home. Not sure where to start? Call your favorite local bakery and ask for a sampling of what they recommend for a wedding – no cake allowed!

Introducing.... Liz to the Bustle Team!

Hello friends!

As Bustle continues to grow, certain things (ahem... this blog) have had to be put on the back-burner, especially as Bustle's first wedding season kicks into high gear. So... I have decided to recruit some assistance and fresh perspective on weddings and hired an assistant blog writer! Liz Bryant is a fabulous, cheery, wonderful person, and I'm sure you will love her style! [Liz will also be assisting at some Bustle weddings, so keep an eye out for her!] I'm one lucky duck to have her on the Bustle team.

Without further procrastination, here's LIZ!

{Source: author's personal collection}

Liz graduated from DePauw University in 2006 with a degree in Creative Writing, and currently works in business development for an interior design and architecture firm. She enjoys walking her bulldog through her neighborhood close to downtown, spending time with friends and family, and antique shopping. She is learning a lot about the design industry through her job and now through Bustle Event Design. One of the reasons she loves weddings is because when everything comes together, everyone experiencing the event is fully present in the moment - and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Free Typefaces for DIY Projects

I have always been kind of obsessed with typefaces (most people call them "fonts", but my graphic designer husband always cringes when I say the "f" word, so I'm trying to train myself to use "typeface" instead...).

Example: When I was in high school or college and I had to write a paper, I would spend a good 15 minutes highlighting everything I wrote and changing the typeface a million times, just so I could see what my paper would look like in each style.

I really like "Tahoma"... or maybe "Georgia" looks better... but to be safe, maybe I should just change it back to "Times New Roman"...

Fast forward a few years and I STILL DO THIS on a regular basis. Choosing my default typeface for my e-mail messages in Outlook is like a 2-hour task! :)

If any of you are like me - you know who you are (you're probably the same person that pilfers cool pens at the doctor's office) - you will LOVE the many many FREE typeface options over at

I am sharing this on the Bustle Blog because you might be undertaking a DIY wedding project that involves words of some sort and you might be looking for a non-standard typeface to use that tells your guests, "Maybe she hired a designer to create this..." A non-Microsoft-Word typeface gives your program/invitation/place cards a more custom look & feel. And they are FREE! It can't get any better than that.

Here are my favorite typefaces from

Honey Script (for obvious reasons!)

Chopin Script (Sweet & romantic...)

Outlaw (How great at a western/country-themed wedding?!)

Type Keys (Super-cute if you are using a typewriter or typewriter keys anywhere at your wedding!)

My advice is to head on over to and check out all of the categories of typefaces - you can even type in a word (like I did with "Bustle") or phrase so you can "test" how it will look for whatever project you are working on. Have fun!!

UPDATE: My husband schooled me a little bit on what NOT to use these free fonts for. He said that although you can definitely use them to make one/a few words stand out, they should not be used for lots of text (i.e. a long quote, directions, etc). The reason is because most of the font designers over on are not professional designers and don't give consideration to the spacing between letters and other technical things that only a true preofessional would know how/take the time to do. AND, can you imagine how difficult/annoying it would be to read a paragraph of Type Keys (above)??? :)

Bottom Line: Use these special fonts sparingly to make key words stand out. Stick to standard, professionally-designed fonts for longer phrases/paragraphs. Got it? Good.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Etsy Bridesmaid Dresses

I am getting more and more comfortable with the idea of purchasing custom clothing from the craftspeople on Etsy. I mean, I buy things without trying them on ALL THE TIME from online shops. With Etsy, I can even get something custom-made for my measurements - what's not to love about that??
After reading this post from Something Old, Something New on Sarah Seven bridesmaid dresses, I am convinced that every bride in search of the perfect bridesmaid attire should scour Etsy for the perfect dress. Here's what you might find:

Sarah Seven

Ouma Clothing
Desira Pesta

Amanda Archer Collection

Monday, July 13, 2009

Unexpected Inspiration

I always love stumbling across pictures, articles, ways of thought, etc, that make me do a double-take. It's those moments that make me realize how rooted we become in tradition and how closed our eyes can be to new ideas. It's funny that such a simple picture can make me "get all philosophical" on you readers, but I think it's important to remove the blinders occasionally. Here's some Monday inspiration for you:


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sweet Wedding Hair

When I saw this picture over on WeddingBeePro's blog about "Lovely Hair", I just had to share:

I love how her hair is softly wavy and tied up in a simple, sweet bow. And it's not "perfect" - see the bumps?? I think this adds to the prettiness of the hairdo. This style would be so fitting for a casual outdoor picnic or beach wedding. Or even for a formal wedding - I'm not a huge fan of saying "this style is perfect for this, but not that" - it's your wedding and if you want to wear this style to a formal wedding, then DO IT!

Here are some other related styles that I love (all found on's hair style picture gallery):

I love this bride's curly, wispy hair - and her fabulous double-stranded headband. You can find a similar hair accessory over on the Handmade Lovelies Etsy shop!

Again, I ADORE these loose waves! If only my hair would stay curled, I could one day achieve this look... but for those of you whose hair does hold a curl - this would be a super-sweet wedding hair style and I'm insanely jealous that you have the option to wear your hair like this. :)
Here's one more for all of you short-hair brides:

How great is that fascinator?! What a perfect hair accessory.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Simple, Modern Cakes

Lately, I've been doing a lot of cake tastings with my clients and looking at BUNCHES of potential cake designs. Luckily for me, researching cake designs is quite possibly one of my most favorite things to do in life! :) My personal philosophy on cake design is that an understated cake design is timeless and the real star of the cake should be its flavor. However, that's just me. You might be more of an overstated kinda couple and want a fabulous, Ace of Cakes-like cake... and that's cool! Do what works for you and what is reflective of your wedding style.

When I look through pictures of cakes, my eye is immediately drawn to the simpler, plain styles that look slightly modern. This type of design will probably end up being less expensive than more elaborate, heavily-decorated designs - so if your budget is limited, go with a simply-designed cake!

Here are a few of my favorite cakes from (click on image to enlarge):

{Top row: White modern cake with satin ribbon, White whimsy cake with rosettes, Light green & white textured cake; Bottom row: White smooth cake with rose topper, White square cake with brown ribbon, White square pink poppy cake}

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Bustle Pics!

{NOTE: Image-heavy post!}

A while ago, I decided I needed some head shots to help me promote my business, so I e-mailed my fave photographer/friend Jessica from Lemongrass Photography and set a date to do a photoshoot in downtown Indy. I also decided a while ago that I needed some help & direction in my marketing department, so I approached my sister Emily (who double-majored in business & marketing in college) to see if she'd be interested in joining the Bustle Event Design team. Emily is already a part of Bustle, currently acting as an event assistant, and she excitedly agreed to help me focus my marketing to help grow my business. Because if this new addition, I felt it would be great if Emily joined in on the photoshoot. Plus, since we're sisters and all, it would be great to have some new pics to show the fam! :)

Here are some pics of just me (all indoor pictures were taken at Easley Winery!):

Here's a picture of my gorgeous sister, Emily (I know what you're all thinking, and yes, we really are full-blooded sisters!!):

Here are some great pics of us together:

Can you see the resemblance?? And to answer your other question - I'm older by 18 months. :)

My plan is to (finally) update my website over the summer and use these pics!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Marshmallow Indulgence

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting with Samantha & Alexa from Lemley's Catering, based out of Columbus, Indiana. Although most of the conversation was focused on creating a fabulous menu for one of my clients, the most memorable part of our meeting was when they presented me with samples of their gourmet, homemade marshmallows!

Lemley's Catering named these sweet morsels "240Sweet Artisan Marshmallows", and they are made with Tahitian vanilla and other premium ingredients.


Yummmm.... 240Sweet Artisan Marshmallows are pillowy soft and dusted with sugar to keep them from being sticky, and they come in a wide variety of flavors (like Very Vanilla Bean, Cafe au Lait, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Toasted Coconut with Almond, Triple Berry - and many more!). New flavors are being added all the time, and I had the chance to sample the "Avocado" flavor - I know that sounds like an odd flavor, but it was delicious!


You can also get them dipped in chocolate! Truly indulgent.

You can purchase the marshmallows by the pound (2 pounds minimum order) and they have a shelf life of 6 weeks (non-chocolate-dipped) to 8 weeks (chocolate-dipped).

240Sweet Artisan Marshmallows would make a fabulous favor for your guests or a perfect addition to a candy bar or dessert buffet!!

Special thanks to Sam & Alexa for letting me have a taste!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Honeymoon Research

Planning a honeymoon can seem stressful and daunting, especially since there is a LOT of pressure for your honeymoon to be the "best vacation of your life". Not to mention the thousands of places you could choose to go! Should you stay in the United States or go international? Would you like a hot, sandy beach or a cultural hotspot?

I'm here to help. The best advice I can give you is: Do your research!

The most robust of all vacation research websites I've ever used is (if you know of other great vacation sites, please leave me a comment!).

I used this site extensively and pretty much exclusively when planning my honeymoon to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Even if you're starting from square one - figuring out where to go - Trip Advisor can help. Just check out their Travel Inspiration tool:

Just choose the type of trip you'd like to take (and talk this over with your fiance so you're both in agreement!), the region you'd like to visit (or just select "Anywhere" if you want the widest array of options) and click "Inspire Me!". You'll be given a list of potential honeymoon desitinations from which to start your research.

For each destination you look into on Trip Advisor, you'll be able to read about the following information:
  • Before You Go - learn about the airports, public transportation, weather & when to travel
  • Things to Do - read about local nightlife, tours & excursions and hidden gems
  • Restaurants - search local eateries by cuisine, cost and rating by other travelers
  • Map - view a map of all hotels in the region
  • Traveler Photos & Videos - browse through travelers' pictures of the destination
  • Forum - review what travelers are saying about the destination
Once you decide on a location, you can research flight fares & hotel reservations directly on the site. It is truly a one-stop-shop for planning your honeymoon!!

Also, Trip Advisor has written over 9,000 free Travel Guides, which are available for free download if you are a Trip Advisor member (free). The travel guides help you choose a place to stay, list restaurants to try & provides lots of tips for making the most of your honeymoon.

If you still find the task of honeymoon planning to be too daunting, there's no shame in working with a travel agent!

Another bit of wisdom: Your honeymoon might not end up being the best vacation of your life (mine definitely wasn't). No matter how much research you do, there can still be things that go wrong or don't live up to your expectations. The more pressure you put on your honeymoon to be blissfully amazing, the higher your odds of ending up disappointed. So after you've done your due diligence and picked a location, sit back, relax and hope for the best! The most important thing is to be with your new spouse and enjoy your time together.

{All pictures from}

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Peacock Color Palette

One of my current brides has chosen a "peacock" color palette for her wedding & reception. Given that her wedding is in October, these jewel tones (think teal, olive, deep blues) will look amazing! I wanted to share some inspiring photos for how to pull off this color palette (and use peacock feathers in a tasteful manner!).

Feathers get a bad reputation, but this gorgeous centerpiece tastefully incorporates peacock feathers (they're almost "dripping" down the side of the vase!). Also, note how well the plum fabrics work with the peacock colors...


This bride's bouquet is so thick with color and texture - I love how the peacock feathers are peeking out from behind the arrangement. Subtle, yet very striking!


I normally don't prefer iridescent fabrics, but with a peacock palette, it just works. I love how the teal hues tie in with the feather adornments, and also love the plum/burgundy accessories. It's hard to believe this linen is the same one that's shown in the first picture above (which looks more plum-colored) - amazing what light and angle will do to an iridescent fabric!


All pictures are from this post on the Karen Tran Florals Blog.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Scrabble-Inspired Place Cards

Scrabble is useful in so many ways. It's a wonderful game for nights spent relaxing, a great incentive to maintain an extensive vocabulary, and an adorable theme for a wedding!

Briana from Elizabeth Anne Designs is using Scrabble tiles to accent her seating cards (which also double as bookmark favors for guests!):

This couple is using the game as a prop for their engagement photos and to use as their Save the Date:

You could use those Scrabble tiles to accent just about every part of your wedding! Table numbers, cufflinks, cake design, programs, monogram/logo... There's just so much you can do with little wooden blocks of letters! Look for the letter tiles sold on eBay!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Re-Cap: Centerpieces

Hello Friends!

I have posted quite a few times on the topic of centerpieces, so I thought it best to create a re-cap of each centerpiece by season. Some centerpieces, I feel, can go with multiple seasons, so I've included them twice or more, as appropriate.


Halloween Candy Topiary - there's a peppermint topiary pictured in this post! (October 2008)

Christmas Centerpieces (November 2008)

You Never Can Have Too Much Glitter! (December 2008)

Glitz on the Cheap (December 2008)


Tin Can Centerpieces (February 2009)

Garden Wedding Decor (April 2009)


Mason Jar Inspiration (February 2009)

Quick & Cheap DIY Centerpieces - love the lemons! (May 2009)


Pumpkin Carving (October 2008)

Real Wedding: Laura & Dusty (October 2008)

Halloween Candy Topiary (October 2008)

Another Fall Centerpiece Idea (October 2008)

Fall Centerpiece Idea (October 2008)

Any Season!!

Tin Can Centerpieces (February 2009)

Mason Jar Inspiration (February 2009)

Another DIY Centerpiece Idea (May 2009)

Quick & Cheap DIY Centerpieces (May 2009)

For your viewing pleasure, here is another take on Tin Can Centerpieces (via Elizabeth Anne Designs blog):

{Source: brocantegirl’s flickr}