Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Free Typefaces for DIY Projects

I have always been kind of obsessed with typefaces (most people call them "fonts", but my graphic designer husband always cringes when I say the "f" word, so I'm trying to train myself to use "typeface" instead...).

Example: When I was in high school or college and I had to write a paper, I would spend a good 15 minutes highlighting everything I wrote and changing the typeface a million times, just so I could see what my paper would look like in each style.

I really like "Tahoma"... or maybe "Georgia" looks better... but to be safe, maybe I should just change it back to "Times New Roman"...

Fast forward a few years and I STILL DO THIS on a regular basis. Choosing my default typeface for my e-mail messages in Outlook is like a 2-hour task! :)

If any of you are like me - you know who you are (you're probably the same person that pilfers cool pens at the doctor's office) - you will LOVE the many many FREE typeface options over at

I am sharing this on the Bustle Blog because you might be undertaking a DIY wedding project that involves words of some sort and you might be looking for a non-standard typeface to use that tells your guests, "Maybe she hired a designer to create this..." A non-Microsoft-Word typeface gives your program/invitation/place cards a more custom look & feel. And they are FREE! It can't get any better than that.

Here are my favorite typefaces from

Honey Script (for obvious reasons!)

Chopin Script (Sweet & romantic...)

Outlaw (How great at a western/country-themed wedding?!)

Type Keys (Super-cute if you are using a typewriter or typewriter keys anywhere at your wedding!)

My advice is to head on over to and check out all of the categories of typefaces - you can even type in a word (like I did with "Bustle") or phrase so you can "test" how it will look for whatever project you are working on. Have fun!!

UPDATE: My husband schooled me a little bit on what NOT to use these free fonts for. He said that although you can definitely use them to make one/a few words stand out, they should not be used for lots of text (i.e. a long quote, directions, etc). The reason is because most of the font designers over on are not professional designers and don't give consideration to the spacing between letters and other technical things that only a true preofessional would know how/take the time to do. AND, can you imagine how difficult/annoying it would be to read a paragraph of Type Keys (above)??? :)

Bottom Line: Use these special fonts sparingly to make key words stand out. Stick to standard, professionally-designed fonts for longer phrases/paragraphs. Got it? Good.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Etsy Bridesmaid Dresses

I am getting more and more comfortable with the idea of purchasing custom clothing from the craftspeople on Etsy. I mean, I buy things without trying them on ALL THE TIME from online shops. With Etsy, I can even get something custom-made for my measurements - what's not to love about that??
After reading this post from Something Old, Something New on Sarah Seven bridesmaid dresses, I am convinced that every bride in search of the perfect bridesmaid attire should scour Etsy for the perfect dress. Here's what you might find:

Sarah Seven

Ouma Clothing
Desira Pesta

Amanda Archer Collection

Monday, July 13, 2009

Unexpected Inspiration

I always love stumbling across pictures, articles, ways of thought, etc, that make me do a double-take. It's those moments that make me realize how rooted we become in tradition and how closed our eyes can be to new ideas. It's funny that such a simple picture can make me "get all philosophical" on you readers, but I think it's important to remove the blinders occasionally. Here's some Monday inspiration for you:


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sweet Wedding Hair

When I saw this picture over on WeddingBeePro's blog about "Lovely Hair", I just had to share:

I love how her hair is softly wavy and tied up in a simple, sweet bow. And it's not "perfect" - see the bumps?? I think this adds to the prettiness of the hairdo. This style would be so fitting for a casual outdoor picnic or beach wedding. Or even for a formal wedding - I'm not a huge fan of saying "this style is perfect for this, but not that" - it's your wedding and if you want to wear this style to a formal wedding, then DO IT!

Here are some other related styles that I love (all found on's hair style picture gallery):

I love this bride's curly, wispy hair - and her fabulous double-stranded headband. You can find a similar hair accessory over on the Handmade Lovelies Etsy shop!

Again, I ADORE these loose waves! If only my hair would stay curled, I could one day achieve this look... but for those of you whose hair does hold a curl - this would be a super-sweet wedding hair style and I'm insanely jealous that you have the option to wear your hair like this. :)
Here's one more for all of you short-hair brides:

How great is that fascinator?! What a perfect hair accessory.