Friday, October 3, 2008

Just For Fun!

I recently discovered Wordle, and I think it is so fun! Just look at what I created:

{picture source}

Here's what you do to create your own Wordle image:

Find a bunch of words, names, lyrics, etc, that you'd like to include in your image. Type or paste these words in the box and hit Go. It's that simple! If you'd like certain words to be larger than other words, type those words more than once. I think I typed the words "wedding" and "planner" about 6 times to get them to be bigger than the other words. Play around and find what works for you.

After you click Go, you can see your words in image form and modify them some more. Choose a font ~ I like "Superclarendon Rg" (it's a classic; not the font I used in the picture above ~ that would be "Sexsmith"). Would you like the words to appear vertically, horizontally, half & half? Alphabetized? You can create a color palette (maybe plug in your wedding colors...???) or use one of their pre-made palettes. [NOTE: If you create a color palette and you only want those colors to be used, make sure you choose "Exact Color Palette", or else Wordle will display colors similar to the ones you picked out and not the exact colors.]

There you have it! Now go waste some time playing with Wordle! :)

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