Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jovani Dresses ~ Swoon!

Get ready for a picture-laden post, because I found the most stunning collection of gowns on dressmaker Jovani's website.

As previously posted, I challenged myself to find prom dresses that could pass for wedding gowns, and to also include some colorful gowns in the mix. Prom dresses are generally less spendy than wedding gowns, so buying a prom dress could save you some cash! Even if you're not on a tight budget, all brides should check out their options because you might just find the most perfect gown where you least expect it!

I must comment about colorful wedding gowns before I move forward. I think it is so cool when a bride goes untraditional and wears a gown in her favorite non-white/ivory color, but I know I am speaking to the minority here. Not many brides opt for a gown other than white or ivory. It takes some guts to go colorful but definitely makes a statement! However, in my humble opinion, not just any colorful dress will do. If you're going to go with color, I think the silouhette of the dress should still be bridal ~ I like dresses with trains or full skirts ~ so that the bride stands out against her bridesmaids. I will make an exception for tea-length gowns ~ I think shorter gowns are adorable and you can still achieve the bridal look by wearing a chic birdcage veil. The following gowns are colorful knock-outs and have the same silouhettes as many bridal gowns on the market today.

Here are some FIERCE "wedding gowns" by Jovani (if you are a traditional white-dress-bride ~ like I was ~ keep an open mind!):

I'll start with the lighter colors...

{Picture sources: Light pink tulle, white & gold, gold stripe}

Now for the pinks... If you're gonna go pink, go bright pink! Pink was one of the main colors in my wedding, so I LOVE all of these dresses...

{Picture Source: dark pink ruffled dress with jeweled belt, bubblegum pink layered dress, fitted hot pink dress with train, light pink strapless dress with dotted embellishments, bright pink goddess dress with circular embellishments}

I'm not normally a fan of forest or army green, but these dresses are changing my mind...

{Picture Source: green mermaid gown, dark green strapless gown with tulle}

Now for my favorites out of the whole bunch! The plaid pink dress is absolutely fabulous! I could totally see a fun bride rocking this dress. The tea-length sparkling halter is like a retro Marilyn Monroe dress and I love it! Finally, the white dress with black polka dots is so perfect for a bride who still wants a white dress, but wants to go a bit against the traditional grain.

{Picture Source: pink plaid gown, sparkly halter gown, black & white polka dot gown}

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