Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Love Crispy Fall Days

I've decided that this blog's purpose is to share with blogland all of wedding-related things I love and am inspired by. But if you think about it, anything can be wedding related. What I'm about to post could inspire someone's wedding colors or someone could really love the blue necklace in the picture... So while not immediately identifiable as anything wedding-related, I'm going to stretch and say that this IS, in fact, wedding inspiration.

The real point of this post: I love Fall! The leaves are starting to turn colors here in Indiana, and I can't get enough. Here is a Polyvore creation that illustrates my ideal Fall weekend attire:
Clockwise from top-left: Organic baby alpaca chunky scarf by Fashion Conscience; orange jacket by Forever 21; BKE plastic circle necklace by Buckle (on sale for $6!); mustard oversize knit beret by Debenhams; Bamboo Mary Jane heel from Amazon (on sale for $19.99!); Crafted bootcut jean by Republic; Hello Operator knee socks by Anthropologie; background image by breanna_2012 on Photobucket.

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