Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mint & Chocolate? Canary and Robin's Egg Blue?

What are your colors?

You'll get this question many times as a bride, and if you're like me, you'll respond: "Just a sec, I have the swatches right here in my purse!" :)

Or if you are like normal people, you'll respond: "Our colors are [color #1] and [color #2]... " Then you might look around at your immediate surroundings, hoping to find an object colored similarly to your particular shades so you can more specifically describe the exact hues.

Nevertheless, people are truly interested in a couple's wedding colors. Your colors set the tone for your wedding and can be a reflection of your personality. Like I said before, my colors were bright pink (Lynn Lugo's "Watermelon" silk shantung fabric swatch to be exact) and chocolate brown. I'd like to think our color choices conveyed a bit of whimsy, playfulness, friendliness and a tad of unconventionality (we felt that brown tuxes were our way of deviating from the norm... we live on the edge, I know...) to our wedding.

Sooo... What are your colors?

If you're still in the color-deciding phase, try this tool:'s ColorStudio.

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