Friday, October 31, 2008

If You're Going to DIY...

... you must purchase these things!

The wonderful Mrs. Penguin over on Weddingbee (I am slowly overcoming my addiction to their blog posts, but will probably never unsubscribe on my GoogleReader) just posted her Top 5 DIY Essentials, and I think you should read it! As a recap, here are the things a DIY bride shouldn't do without:
  1. Paper cutter (for invitations, programs, anything paper)
  2. Xyron machine (turns any paper item into a sticker)
  3. Gocco (for the very crafty brides; like a silk-screen machine for paper and fabric... currently, this machine is super-hard to get a hold of and I just heard that the bulb manufacturers were stopping the production of Gocco bulbs... a death sentence for the proliferation of the Gocco... Read more about Gocco on Weddingbee's wiki)
  4. Round corner punch (this is the only item on this list that I actually own... and I own the kind Mrs. Penguin refers to with "evil dagger eyes"... guess I should go out and buy the more ergonomic version!)
  5. Envelope template kit (I've wanted one of these for the longest time!)
My husband and I DIY-ed our programs, placecards, placecard holder (ribbon board) and table numbers and the number one thing I still cannot live without is...


{Picture Source}

This little device has a spool of sticky adhesive that easily rolls onto and adheres to wherever you glide the tip of the roller. There are many brands of roll-on adhesive ~ I've tried a few different kinds and to me, they all work just the same ~ and the one pictured above is $2.96 on Amazon. FYI... refills available for purchase, so you don't have to keep buying the roller itself.

TR and I used these rollers to assemble our invitations (we bought 2 adhesive rollers + LOTS of refills so we could both work at the same time) and our placecards... and I don't think I could ever go back to wrapping presents without a tape roller ever again!

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