Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Hair Up There

In case you haven't noticed, headbands and unique hair accessories are becoming more and more popular these days - especially for weddings. Instead of a traditional veil, do you think you would go for a jeweled headband? Check out this delicate jeweled headband from Haute Bride.

I like it because it's got just the right amount of sparkle.

Maybe you're having an outdoor ceremony and want your hairstyle to play along? Consider this lovely hair clip from Anthropologie.

And of course, real flowers are always a good option too!

Looking for a little drama - of the style variety, that is? TenThings has you covered, with unique jewelry and amazing feathered hair accessories for your wedding or any special event.


The best thing about all of these hair accessories is that they allow you to be on-trend without going overboard in the style or budget departments. We think it's just another way for you to shine through on your big day.

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