Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sweet Wedding Hair

When I saw this picture over on WeddingBeePro's blog about "Lovely Hair", I just had to share:

I love how her hair is softly wavy and tied up in a simple, sweet bow. And it's not "perfect" - see the bumps?? I think this adds to the prettiness of the hairdo. This style would be so fitting for a casual outdoor picnic or beach wedding. Or even for a formal wedding - I'm not a huge fan of saying "this style is perfect for this, but not that" - it's your wedding and if you want to wear this style to a formal wedding, then DO IT!

Here are some other related styles that I love (all found on Brides.com's hair style picture gallery):

I love this bride's curly, wispy hair - and her fabulous double-stranded headband. You can find a similar hair accessory over on the Handmade Lovelies Etsy shop!

Again, I ADORE these loose waves! If only my hair would stay curled, I could one day achieve this look... but for those of you whose hair does hold a curl - this would be a super-sweet wedding hair style and I'm insanely jealous that you have the option to wear your hair like this. :)
Here's one more for all of you short-hair brides:

How great is that fascinator?! What a perfect hair accessory.

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