Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blossoming Wedding Heels

Although your wedding shoes might be hidden for the majority of your big day (depending on the length of your gown), there are moments when your shoes will be on full display. For example, photographers love to take creative pictures using your shoes as a focal point before the ceremony. Also, if you are sitting down during your ceremony sometimes your shoes peek out from under your gown. And of course, your shoes will be showing at times when you are dancing up a storm during the reception (if you haven't kicked them off or opted for comfier slippers by that point!).

Moral of the story: Why not choose some shoes that have some character? You might not ever wear them again in your life, but the photos taken on your wedding day will last a lifetime.

Here are some adorable Cole Haan "Ceci Air Rose" heels that are definitely not meant to stay hidden beneath your wedding dress:


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Anna Patricia said...

HOW LOVELY!!!! I just bought my wedding shoes, it's got big bows which is also cute (If I may say so...)but these roses have more OOmpH!