Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Peacock Color Palette

One of my current brides has chosen a "peacock" color palette for her wedding & reception. Given that her wedding is in October, these jewel tones (think teal, olive, deep blues) will look amazing! I wanted to share some inspiring photos for how to pull off this color palette (and use peacock feathers in a tasteful manner!).

Feathers get a bad reputation, but this gorgeous centerpiece tastefully incorporates peacock feathers (they're almost "dripping" down the side of the vase!). Also, note how well the plum fabrics work with the peacock colors...


This bride's bouquet is so thick with color and texture - I love how the peacock feathers are peeking out from behind the arrangement. Subtle, yet very striking!


I normally don't prefer iridescent fabrics, but with a peacock palette, it just works. I love how the teal hues tie in with the feather adornments, and also love the plum/burgundy accessories. It's hard to believe this linen is the same one that's shown in the first picture above (which looks more plum-colored) - amazing what light and angle will do to an iridescent fabric!


All pictures are from this post on the Karen Tran Florals Blog.

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Anonymous said...

Love the use of colors and the subtle peacock accents!