Thursday, December 18, 2008

Glitz on the Cheap

Oh, Martha, how you inspire me so...

I just saw this easy DIY project on Martha Stewart's website in a Christmas Table Settings photo gallery: Glitter-covered candles.

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Directions: Lay candles in a box, spray with adhesive, then cover with glitter. Let dry for a few hours or overnight.

I think a centerpiece consisting of 4-5 various heighth glitter-covered pillar candles would be so chic and simple. Candlelight makes everyone's complexion look better and adds a tough of romance to the atmosphere. What's not to love about candlelight?! The glitter adds a little glam to an otherwise super-simple centerpiece.

You can buy pillar candles in bulk from sites like Candles 4 Less, Candles Just Online (huge sale on unscented pillars right now!), and Quick Candles. Glitter and spray adhesive/craft glue can be bought at just about any craft store for relatively low prices.

NOTE: Always opt for unscented candles. Not only could scented candles bother some of your guests' noses, but scented candles muddle the yummy smells of the food you serve and could even affect how the food tastes. PLUS, unscented candles are generally cheaper than scented.



Why wasn't I born with Martha's creative brain? I call 'unfair'! :)

Lindsey said...

Tell me about it! How does she think of some of these things?! Almost everything I hand-make is inspired (or a complete knock-off) of a Martha creation. Good luck with your wedding - I just looked at your blog and it is so cute!! I'll have to subscribe on my Google Reader. :) Thanks for reading mine!