Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Re-Cap: Centerpieces

Hello Friends!

I have posted quite a few times on the topic of centerpieces, so I thought it best to create a re-cap of each centerpiece by season. Some centerpieces, I feel, can go with multiple seasons, so I've included them twice or more, as appropriate.


Halloween Candy Topiary - there's a peppermint topiary pictured in this post! (October 2008)

Christmas Centerpieces (November 2008)

You Never Can Have Too Much Glitter! (December 2008)

Glitz on the Cheap (December 2008)


Tin Can Centerpieces (February 2009)

Garden Wedding Decor (April 2009)


Mason Jar Inspiration (February 2009)

Quick & Cheap DIY Centerpieces - love the lemons! (May 2009)


Pumpkin Carving (October 2008)

Real Wedding: Laura & Dusty (October 2008)

Halloween Candy Topiary (October 2008)

Another Fall Centerpiece Idea (October 2008)

Fall Centerpiece Idea (October 2008)

Any Season!!

Tin Can Centerpieces (February 2009)

Mason Jar Inspiration (February 2009)

Another DIY Centerpiece Idea (May 2009)

Quick & Cheap DIY Centerpieces (May 2009)

For your viewing pleasure, here is another take on Tin Can Centerpieces (via Elizabeth Anne Designs blog):

{Source: brocantegirl’s flickr}

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