Friday, May 29, 2009


This idea from Martha Stewart makes me so happy (as do most of her ideas). Photofetti! It's circular confetti with pictures on both sides, mixed in with colored confetti in the colors of your choice. Martha suggests sprinkling the confetti on reception tables to act as conversation-starters for your guests...

The Photofetti website also lists some other creative uses such as:
  • Sprinkled in invitations (engagement or baby photo confetti!)
  • Sprinkled in thank yous (wedding photo confetti!)
  • Included in scrapbooks
  • Tossed on the bride & groom

I'd like to add that this type of decorative accent would be perfect for bridal showers, too!

You can upload your photos on the Photofetti website and they are currently offering free shipping on certain quantities. I'm definitely bookmarking this site!

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The Poe's said...

I love this idea!! I'm suggesting it to my friend for her baby shower!