Thursday, November 20, 2008

What is an Event Designer?

Event designer: noun. A person who designs events. :)

Ok, here's the real definition (according to me)...

An event designer is a super-human made up of three distinct alter-egos, which I will describe:

The Designer
Obsessed with color, detail, lighting, & space.
Enjoys browsing those huge linen binders full of fabric swatches.
Regularly utilizes Polyvore to create inspiration boards for decorating.
Has an unhealthy fascination with paper products, typeface & letterpress.

The Planner
Obsessed with having a plan A and B for everything.
Enjoys double- and triple-checking plans to ensure everyone's on the same page (and providing everyone with a detailed itenerary so no one forgets his/her duties!).
Regularly utilizes a Franklin Covey planner to map out all of life's details (through 2020).
Has an unhealthy fascination with lists and file folders.

The Assistant
Obsessed with harrassing non-RSVP-ers until their reply is accounted for.
Enjoys DIY projects and doesn't bat an eyelash when asked to create, bottle & label homemade honey favors for 250 guests.
Regularly utilizes safety pins and duct tape to fix anything (like MacGyver!).
Has an unhealthy fascination with the Tide Stain Stick.

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