Saturday, November 22, 2008

My DIY Fall Decorations

I had the house all to myself today, so I was finally able to make some Fall decorations for my house! A little late, I know, but I'm hosting Thanksgiving for my in-laws next Thursday and I want my house to look festive!

I found some awesome inspiration all over the web for these projects, so I'll try to post the
original links in case you want the directions for each project.

Here's an overall view of my new buffet with most of the decorations on top...

My first project was the plaid "artwork" with brown yarn string... I got my inspiration from Better Homes & Gardens' article: Easy Holiday Decorating with Ribbon. Although this piece doesn't involve ribbon, it does involve using up a leftover piece of padded poster board and some $1.50 fabric from Walmart. :) I added the brown yarn after viewing how Miss Blush packaged her bridesmaid gifts over on Weddingbee.

My second project was making yarn pom poms. These turned out so cute!!! I was inspired by Koala Brains' Billy Buttons tutorial. Once I had three poms in each color, I put them in a clear narrow vase from Walmart and wrapped each vase in some orange ribbon I had left over. I also stuck some straw in there for good measure.

My third project was making the leaf candle holders. Michael's has all of their fall decor on sale for like 70-90% off (don't quote me on that... but they were super cheap), so I picked up some semi-translucent artificial fall leaves for 75 cents. I can't remember where I saw this idea, but it's so simple... I just used double-stick tape to stick each leaf on the candle holder, then secured with a straw bow. I found my candle holder at Walmart. In fact, all of the glass items I used today were from Walmart.

The last DIY project for this post (I did a few more things, but forgot to take pictures!) was the clothespin place card. I actually thought this up myself! I bought the clothespins for another project (Christmas gift: fun paper-covered clothespin magnets), but thought it would be so much fun to attach name cards to the clothespins and clip onto the side of each guest's wine glass. For an added touch, I stuck some small fake leaves to the bottom. I love how these look, and I just know my guests will love them, too!


Olivia's Mommy said...

Very festive and great ideas too!

Courtney Brennan-Jones

carmen said...

really cute ideas!