Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Tribute to Linc

I said my final goodbye to my pup Linc this morning. He was such a good, sweet, loving dog and I will miss him forever!

{(Above)Picture taken by Lemongrass Photography on 8-8-08, my wedding day. I'm so glad Linc stuck around to see me get married!}

{(Above) This was taken 2 years ago at Thanksgiving... just hanging out with the fam.}

{(Above) TR and Linc were buds... Linc loved being scratched on his lower back and would always put his nose in the air while being scratched there... he was such a funny dog.}

I don't have any older pictures to share, but trust that Linc was about 10 shades browner than the pictures above! He was the cutest little half-dachshund-half-cocker-spaniel ever! I'll miss you, Linc!!!

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carmen said...

oh. this is SO sad. i have tears in my eyes. sorry for your loss.