Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Assisting Circle City Planners

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to assist Darcie, an ABC Bridal Consultant and planner for Circle City Planners, with the set up and coordination of one of their largest weddings of the year at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in downtown Indianapolis. I was so honored to help and tried to soak up as much knowledge from Darcie as I could ~ she was so knowledgable about everything. Although set up was laborious and long, I absolutely loved seeing the plain ballroom transform into the vintage-glam setting that was the couple's wedding reception. For some pictures of the event and Darcie's take on the entire day, head on over to Circle City Planners' blog post.

Friday (set up)
Darcie taught me how to tie bows with chair sashes and schooled me on which linen dimensions go with which table sizes. All afternoon, we slipped on chair covers, tied chair sashes, arranged tableclothes & overlays, folded napkins, placed favor cards... my back and feet were aching at the end of the day, but MAN did that room look amazing!!!

Saturday (wedding day!)
I arrived at Scottish Rite four hours before the wedding and helped Darcie finish setting up the ballroom and South lounge (where cocktail hour was held). Another assistant, Christina, showed up and Darcie delegated tasks for the rest of the evening. I steamed bridesmaid dresses, tied more sashes, pinned bridesmaid bras to dresses to prevent slippage, attempted to pin corsages (Christina had to fix my work and taught me a neat "taco" technique for pinning them correctly), corralled groomsmen so they weren't walking all over the cathedral (and risking the groom seeing the bride), signaled soloists to begin singing during the ceremony, helped guests find their tables at the reception, led children to the babysitter's room, and whatever else Darcie wanted me to do! It was non-stop action and the entire night seemed perfect!

The bride & groom were SO. HAPPY. Their families were happy. Their guests were happy. And that's all that matters!

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