Monday, November 24, 2008

Wedding Weather Tracker

My intent is to show you this tool so that you may make educational guesses as to what attire would be appropriate for your wedding day, what time to take sunset photos, etc. NOTE: I did not say that my intent is to draw out your inner OCD qualities... those qualities that make you obsessively check the weather every single day leading up to your wedding... those qualities that make you freak out if the forecast mentions any chance of precipitation... those qualities that - okay you get the picture. Please don't use this tool for off-label purposes. There. I've said my disclaimer.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce's Wedding Planner tool. What it allows you to do is track average temperatures and precipitation, down to the DAY of your wedding, as well as sunrise & sunset times (so that you and your new husband/wife can sneak away for perfectly-timed glowing sunset photos).
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With this tool, you can set the date and location of your wedding and see the average weather conditions are for that location/date. In the picture below, you can see averages for each month in Indianapolis, and even compare another city (in case you are deciding between two different locations).
You can click on each month to get an even more detailed daily estimate of temperature PLUS sunrise & sunset times.

Please play responsibly!!

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