Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Night Sky Lanterns

As many of you know, I Twitter. And because I Twitter, I was lucky enough to find and follow Ian McGraw: co-owner (with his wife) of Veil & Train, which offers wedding photography, bridal makeup, bridal hair & personal training; based out of London, England. Take a second to view their blog and website!

Anywho, last week, Veil & Train posted about Night Sky Lanterns on their blog and I was completely blown away! I will let this picture describe what Night Sky Lanterns look like:

The lanterns are environmentally friendly (friendlier than fireworks!!) and are made of biodegradeable materials (don't believe me? check this FAQ for more info). Once released, the lanterns will fly for about 5-10 minutes, creating a BEAUTIFUL photo op in the night sky!!!
You could ask guests to write wishes for the bride & groom on the lanterns & then release them to the sky at the end of the night. I wish I could have done this for our wedding!
To purchase, visit Sky Lanterns 2U's online store. The white lanterns are most popular, and you can purchase 100 for 151 GBP (United Kingdom Pounds), or about $223 USD (based on today's exchange rate).


London Wedding Photographer said...

Lindsey, thanks for picking up on the lanterns and our website.

Many couples involve guests and loved ones in the celebration by asking them to write personal messages to the Bride or Groom on each sky lantern before they are released into the sky.

It is one of the most magical and breathtaking sights we ever seen at a wedding celebration - turns the day into the perfect fairytale wedding :-D

Thanks again Ian & Julia at Veil & Train London, UK


Northernlight Filmworks said...

Wow....this really creates a mood. Lighting can really transform a room from blah to spectactular.