Thursday, March 19, 2009

Handmade Lovelies

It's official - I am insane over hair accessories! TR could have proposed with a fabulous hair clip and I would have happily worn it everyday for the rest of my life. In fact, here's some dialogue I just dreamt up for this scenario:

Person: Why do you wear that in your hair everyday?

Me (nonchalantly waving my hand towards my head): Oh, it's my engagement hair flower and it's my wifely duty to incorporate it into my hairstyle daily. I only take it off when sleeping & showering. It proves I'm married.

I know, I'm strange. :)

Anyways, the real purpose of this post is to showcase a great little Etsy shop called Handmade Lovelies, which sells these gorgeous, whimisical hair accessories created by the fabulous Lauren of openField Photography! Please go check it out!!


lauren c. - openField & handmade lovelies. said...

oh THANK YOU!!!! you're so awesome!!! : )

lauren c. - openField & handmade lovelies. said...

p.s. i love the cute little conversation you had with yourself, i'd be the SAME WAY!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!