Monday, December 22, 2008

Wedding Workout

Many brides (and grooms!) have some sort of weight-loss/tone-up strategy for their big day, and while I definitely do NOT promote losing tons of weight just so you will look good in a strapless dress (dapper tuxedo) for one day of your life, I DO promote adopting a healthy lifestyle. Planning a wedding can be stressful, and it really does help when you can work up a sweat to get some agression out. :)

Personally, I enjoy working out at home. I do realize this isn't for everyone, but it works for me. I don't have to pay a gym membership, and I'm so close to everything I need when I feel like working out. Just grab my shoes & a sports bra & I'm good to go! Also, I love my Comcast OnDemand Exercise TV station, which has an ever-changing array of workouts available at my fingertips for FREE (well, not technically free - but it is included in the cost of my digital cable package). Other times, I like to pop in a workout DVD from my small, yet varied, exercise collection. Here are some of my faves:

There are 3 workouts included that are 27 total minutes in length (including warm-up and cool-down!). This is a great workout if you are short on time or low on motivation. The workouts are cardio/toning intervals, and your heart rate really gets up there! You definitely feel like you get a good workout.

This DVD is so cool. You can mix & match your workouts, depending on what you have time for, or if you want to alternate cardio days with strength days. The mix & match sections are: Warm up, Upper body, Lower body, Cardio, Abs, Cool down... and some extra bonus sections for added butt-kicking! I really like Jessica Smith, the instructor, because she is great at telling you what move is coming up next, and she isn't annoying to listen to. I also like that the moves are simple (I hate really choreographed cardio). The cardio totally KICKS your butt, too, even for being only 22 minutes long.
These are two of my workout DVDs that are in high-rotation at my house, but for more ideas, I highly recommend

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