Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thread Bridesmaid Dresses

Now here's a line of bridesmaid dresses that begs to be worn again and again!

Thread's bridesmaid collections showcase the most adorable, chic, mix-and-match dresses. Also, you can get practically any dress design in full-, knee- and mini-length. What's not to love about that?

They are a bit pricey (in the $300-400 range), but the silhouettes are classic and your bridesmaids will get a lot of wear out of these dresses. Why not go halfsies on them (you pay half, bridesmaids pay half)??
My favorite collections are (in no particular order):

Let's break this down a little further... Here are my favorite designs in each collection:


A blend of chiffon & satin - adorable for springtime & summer! Wispy, billowy, dreamy...

{Stella - full length, Callie - knee length, Elliot - knee length}

These dresses have a bit more structure than the Luxe & Cotton Seersucker, which makes them great picks for evening & more upscale weddings. I know, I know - you're not "supposed" to wear short dresses for evening weddings... but who cares what you're "supposed" to do?? These dresses are perfect for breaking the rules. ;)

Cotton Seersucker
I especially love this collection because summer is upon us and cotton seersucker is the all-time best summertime dress fabric (in my opinion)! So clean & crisp & breathable... Lovely dresses for a beach or outdoor wedding (but don't let my opinion stop you from wearing them indoors - these are fabulous indoors or out!).