Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tacori Ring Bling... With a Twist!

I love Tacori rings. Love them. Unfortunately, they are a bit out of my price range, but I can still drool... and so can you! [Keep reading for the surprise...]

The surprise: All of these rings are, indeed, Tacori rings, but all of the rings above cost less than $200! Yes, that's right. Tacori designed a line of Diamonique rings for QVC. Check out the entire collection here. The most expensive ring in the collection is $209.

{Top Row: Bloom Cut Signature Ring $71.00; Crossover Eternity Band $124.00}
{Middle Row: Harlequin Design Eternity Band $74.00; Pink Tourmaline Ring $98.28}
{Bottom Row: Oval Bloom Cut Ring $81.00; Framed Cushion Bloom Cut Ring $96.00}

I know, I know. Real diamonds are forever. But some people don't want diamonds (for whatever reason... conflict, color preference, cost, etc), so I'm providing other options. All I'm saying is: Look how gorgeous these rings are!

I'd LOVE to have one of the eternity bands to occasionally wear instead of my engagement ring+wedding band.
Hint, hint, hint (someone go tell my husband)...

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Ashley Aiello said...

I LOVE my Tacori!!! I highly recommend!!!!!! I will try to tell TR :)