Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Photography

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies and something I don't think any couple should skimp on when planning their wedding. You will have these pictures forever, so make sure you choose a photographer that really meshes well with your personality and the style of your wedding. Most people know what to expect of a photographer on the day of a wedding - the photographer normally shows up to take some "getting ready" pictures, takes photos during the ceremony, and then stays to take pictures throughout the reception. But what then? What is your photographer doing when you're on your fabulous honeymoon?? What's happening to your pictures and how do they transform into the beautiful pictures that end up in your wedding album (and plastered all over the internet, if you're me!)?

Well you're about to find out!

Jessica from Lemongrass Photography has graciously offered to let us in on what goes on behind the scenes after the
pictures have been snapped and the work that happens to make your pictures beautiful!

{All images on this post are credited to Lemongrass Photography}

Jessica says her images are "fresh and bright and happy" and loves natural light to capture truly beautiful photos. "I love to have couples laugh and talk and kiss and hug, just like they would if I wasn't there. I do this by kinda "setting up" a couple in a great spot, and then just letting them interact. I don't "pose" them, instead I let their personalities shine through."

As for a typical wedding day timeline, Jessica says she likes to keep things as simple as possible for the bride & groom. Here are a few Lemongrass "perks" a bride & groom can expect on their wedding day:
  • Wedding day - take photos
  • Reception - see a sneak peek of photos in a slideshow (Author's side note: OMG, how does she do this so quickly?!)
  • Wedding night/next morning - download all images & post a few faves to the Lemongrass blog!
  • Two-five days post-wedding - finish editing pictures, design album & post more pics to the blog; add favorites to Facebook & tag the bride and groom
  • One week post-wedding - all images are posted to a gallery for family & friends (and bride & groom when they return from their honeymoon!)
Another special thing Jessica does is hand out little "mini" cards at the reception that gives all the guests the website and password to see the private photo gallery! Then they can order pictures for themselves, as well as just oohh and ahhh over the pictures!

Now most of us know at least a little about Photoshop and what it's used for (image editing), and most photographers rely on some sort of editing after the picture is taken to maximize crispness & color. This is what gives your pictures that extra sparkle & vibrancy! Although Jessica aims to get the picture taken as close to perfect as possible right off of the camera (minimizing post-shoot editing as much as possible), she does use Photoshop to add some "extra oomph" to her photos. Here's a progression of Jessica's image editing:

One last important tip from Jessica about wedding photos:

"Photo editing definitely varies from photographer to photographer. I try to do everything in a very formulated manner, so that every image looks similar and they all have a flow and connection - this is super important when designing albums! I always try to take into account the couple, the day, the light... etc when I am creating photos for a couple, both while taking them, and after, during the editing stages. Wedding photographs are so full of love, and joy... they are just beautiful, and I am so lucky to be able to be a part of that!"

Thanks, Jessica, for educating us all on what happens behind the scenes after the wedding day!

And now for one last picture... ;)

{My husband & me on our wedding day!}

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