Monday, March 1, 2010

Would you donate your wedding dress?

A lot of brides these days are talking about donating their wedding gowns. After hearing several married friends talk about just knowing that their dress was "the one", it hardly seems like an easy decision to give away something so special. However, there are several great options out there if you're interested in giving away your dress. - in their "Brides Against Breast Cancer" campaign, hosts trunk shows all over the country featuring donated gowns, so brides-to-be who have been diagnosed with breast cancer can still afford the dress of their dreams at a fraction of the price. - at the I Do Foundation's website, you can do more than donate your dress. For example, you and your fiancé can register with select retailers that will donate a percentage of the profits from gifts purchased by your guests. They even offer resources for planning a "green" wedding.

You could also sell your dress to a consignment store and donate the money to a charity. And while you're at it, ask your bridesmaids to donate their dresses too, to a charity like The Glass Slipper Project.


Holland said...

Such a good idea but I think I would have a REALLY REALLY hard time parting with it...will someone please throw a party with only clear drinks and we can all wear them again??

Maybe in a few more years I will have an easier time donating it to a deserving bride.

Liz said...

I know what you mean! It's a huge deal to give something that special away. I want to do what Phoebe and Rachel do on 'Friends' - sit on the couch & eat popcorn in it! Now all I need is a wedding dress. :)