Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To Top It Off...

These days, couples are choosing all sorts of thing to top their wedding cakes. From bride and groom figurines to monograms, flowers to tiny plastic animals wearing wedding day finery, the possibilities are practically endless. Are you more traditional when it comes to cake toppers, or would you rather go the creative route?

Check out these adorable tiny birds, found on Etsy:

So cute, right?

Or here's something more traditional, but still with personality.

How romantic!

If you want to use your last initial or a monogram, there are tons of options out there.

Or, would you rather have a humorous cake topper?

There really is no end to what you might put on top of your wedding cake. If you've used something unique to top your cake, let us know in the comments!


Holland said...

I just did flowers. I love the idea of the initial but feel that everyone is doing that now.

The humorous one as well as the birds are very cute and not something you will find at every wedding. If you are looking to be subtly creative, these are a great alternative! Thanks Liz!

Amy said...

Etsy is definitely a great option if you are looking for something unique. I got married in November and got the cutest little owl wedding toppers that were perfect for our cake.