Friday, June 18, 2010

Shoes for Your Big Day

Deciding what shoes to wear to an event can be a dilemma for any woman, but even more so for a bride. Here are some shoe suggestions, so you can be stylish from head to toe on your wedding day.

If you're a lot taller than your groom, or if you want to change into more comfortable dancing shoes, I think these are great options. The blue shoe would be great as your "something blue"! And the silver ballet flat would be perfect for a night of dancing. I was a guest of a wedding where the bride gifted her maids silver shoes similar to these to wear at the reception, so no one would be barefoot on the dancefloor (a big no-no, in my opinion!). What a great idea!

Bridal Heels:

If you want to wear shoes that are neutral but still "bridal," check out these styles. If you look in the right places, it's easy to find an elegant shoe with a fun detail that won't break the bank.

Haute Couture:
Maybe shoes are your big splurge for your wedding ensemble? Check out these stunners:

Wearing designer shoes like these, from Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin, would be amazing (at least for me)! As the glowing bride, you'll already be the envy of everyone in the room...why not make it official?

Of course, there are a ton of shoe options I haven't explored... kitten heels, super-strappy shoes, colorful pumps... But I'll have to save that for another blog post.

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Holland said...

I've noticed a lot more brides are picking fun-colored heels to wear with their dress to show a bit more personality. I LOVE the idea and wish I had thought of it for my own wedding. (Although I do love my shoes...I need to bust those out some time...although they might look too "bridal"). Do you know anyone that has worn their wedding-day shoes out and about? Maybe for a nice dinner?