Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's in the Details: A Valentine's Day Wedding

A discussion on our theme of the month: a Valentine's Day wedding. This seems obvious considering it's February, but we want to help style your V-Day wedding without going overboard. So, here's a little inspiration!

Invitations - We found these on Very romantic!

Attire - Check out the bridesmaid dresses we found from designer Lynn Lugo. The bold hues will liven things up, and you could even have your bridesmaids select their own style. As for your wedding dress - the more whimsical, the better.

Food & Beverages - A champagne toast is a classy way to start or end the night, and as party favors you could give your guests customized chocolate bars. (Who doesn't love chocolate on Valentine's Day?) For the cake, consider something simple and let your theme come through in the details, like a sprinkling of pink and red roses.

The Event - You could go all out with pink everywhere, or you could have a more muted color palette and bring out your theme with finishing touches like centerpieces, napkins, and place cards. As long as you don't hang a cardboard flying Cupid from the ceiling, you're set!

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