Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to Avoid Creating Bridesmaid-zillas

Your bridesmaids are the friends that have always been there for you, helping you through everything. One thing you want to avoid while planning your wedding is making your bridesmaids feel unappreciated. So, here are a few ways to let your bridesmaids know you love them.

-Compromise on their dresses. You may want your bridesmaids to match, but don't forget that each woman has a unique body. One popular idea is to select a color and fabric from a store or designer, then let your bridesmaids select the cut that looks best on her. J.Crew, the Dessy Group, and David's Bridal are just a few places that offer this option.

-Don't make them spend an arm and a leg. As many of you know, there are a lot of expenses to being a bridesmaid. Try to help out where you can, like telling your maids that they don't have to get you an expensive wedding gift. Or, use websites like to help them save money on travel expenses.

-Give personal bridesmaid gifts. Do you have one bridesmaid loves spa treatments while another won't go anywhere without a book in her purse? Giving each bridesmaid a small gift that suits her personality (a gift certificate to a spa, or the latest bestseller by her fave author) will let her know how much you appreciate her.

Your wedding is certainly a time where you'll need your friends more than ever. Don't forget to let each bridesmaid know that first and foremost, she's your friend.

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