Friday, August 6, 2010

How To Handle A Diva Bride (And How Not To Be One!) - Part II

It's time for Part II of our spotlight on Diva brides!

Dealing with a Diva bride - commonly known as "Bridezilla" - can be a sticky situation, made all the more uncomfortable if the bride is a close friend or family member. So how do you put up with the bride's Diva ways, and is it possible to put her in her place without destroying your friendship? Glad you asked.

What do do if you're the friend/bridesmaid/co-worker:
- If you aren't a part of the wedding party, sometimes it's good to simply provide a listening ear and nod empathetically. Any normal girl can seem like a Diva bride if all she needs is a lunchtime venting session. However, if these lunchtime venting sessions turn into a daily ritual, maybe it's best to avoid her until she returns from her honeymoon, tan and in newlywedded bliss.

- If you are a part of the wedding party and the Diva bride's Diva-ness is directly affecting you, perhaps it's time to take some subtle action. Here's one idea. Take the Diva bride out for a cup of coffee. Bring your laptop or a notebook. As you enjoy your lattes, you and the bride can make a checklist of what needs to be done and by when. Let her vent, then subtly suggest some ways she might navigate through a few of her challenges.

- Another helpful hint: if you make a suggestion to a stressed-out Diva bride, try disguising your advice as a question. For example- No: "Just pick out a caterer already!" Yes: "You need to select a caterer? What are your options? Do you want to make a pro/con list?" Questions instead of instructions or suggestions will make the bride less defensive. Often, a Diva bride simply needs to know that someone's in her corner.

- If all else fails, forget subtlety and buy her an early wedding gift.

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