Friday, April 23, 2010

Short Wedding Dresses

What do you think about wearing a short wedding dress as opposed to a floor-length gown? It seems like short dresses are all the rage these days, and as a small person myself, I like the idea. Although, us petite girls need to find the right cut and length so as not to appear even shorter... Anyway, here are a few looks I like.{source}
The gathering, the embellishments... to me, this dress is glamorous even though it's not full length.

And what about this one??{source}
This dress comes from a custom dressmaker in London. It's so 1950's and would be perfection with colorful shoes and a birdcage veil, don't you think?

And how about this dress found on Etsy:

The ruffles make a dramatic statement and the dress is quite formal even though it's knee-length.

Have any of you out there on the world wide web worn a short dress? Or would you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


Holland said...

Love, LOVE, LOVE! the short wedding dresses. My maternal grandmother wore a short dress and it was gorgeous. More and more brides are getting creative with their dresses (and wedding's in general, heck I had a chocolate cake at my reception and, GASP, you just didn't do that even 10 years ago). I wish I had the brass to branch out like that but with the revival of the classic 50's and 60's looks, I can see this becoming a more popular otion. Great post.

Retailer said...

Fantastic dresses!