Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hello! My name is Lindsey and this is my first official post to my blog! I am the owner of Bustle Event Design ~ a brand new event design company serving Indianapolis, Indiana, and surrounding suburbs. The reason I am starting this blog is because I read SO many event-planning/wedding-planning/creative blogs via my Google Reader, and I am constantly inspired by the ideas, pictures, & do-it-yourself projects in these blogs. I want to share my inspiration with you, as well as share my journey as a new event designer.

For my first couple of posts, I'd like to share with everyone what I wish I would have known when planning my wedding. I was married in August 8, 2008, and planned the entire thing. TR (my husband) stepped in a few times to design our invitations & programs and help me choose the food for our reception, but other than that, I was the sole planner for our wedding. I discovered wedding-planning blogs just a few months before our wedding, and it was then that I realized I could have saved a LOT of money and included many more personal touches had I known about these blogs back when I started to plan my wedding. Discouraging as that may be, now that I am an event planner, I will be able to use the tips & tricks mentioned on the wedding-planning blogs to help me plan amazing weddings for other couples!

On the sidebar for my blog, you will see a list of my favorite wedding/event/creative blogs. If you are planning a wedding or other event, check them out! I promise you will not be disappointed. Stay tuned for my list of what I wish I would have known when planning my wedding...

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